Combat your fears – Starving fear of its main fuel

How many times can you think of a situation where you worried about something, only to find when you came to tackle it, it wasn’t half as bad as you imagined. It seems natural as a human being to always think of the worst case scenario.

The problem is, while you are busy worrying about it, your mind becomes cluttered making it difficult to make decisions and take action. On top of this, worrying can cause unwanted stress as well as sleep deprivation.

In some cases, if the thing you are putting off is time sensitive such as a business opportunity, then you could end up missing the boat and have the agony of watching somebody else take your place. The same situation might arise if you were thinking of applying for a job, but left it too late to apply.

Here is the solution

First, I would like to give credit to Grant Cardone for this tip; Grant is a very successful sales coach and motivational speaker.

Grant simply states that you need to starve fear of its main fuel…time. If you think about it, fear can only exist up until the point when you take action and complete the job you have been putting off.

When you have time to mull things over, the brain starts to think up ways about how the task could go wrong, or how you don’t have the skills to see it through, or how you don’t have the necessary experience and so on.

What you need to do is get into a habit of doing something the minute you think about it. Admittedly you can’t do this in every situation, but in many cases you can. For example, if there is a phone call you need to make, the second you think of it, pick up the phone and start dialling the number. No need to rehearse because you will more likely get nervous about remembering the exact words to say.

Getting a job done early in the morning that you would normally put off can really improve your day. What could be worse than worrying about it all day instead of getting it done and feeing your mind for more enjoyable tasks?

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