Why only 5 in 100 people become financially comfortable

This video caused quite a stir in its day, revealing that only a total of 5 people in 100 would be in a good financial position by the time they were 65. It was actually 100 men that were surveyed; please bear in mind that this was done in the 50s, so in the modern world, I think this applies to both men and women. Note that any financial figures stated in the video relating to salary will of course be dated by that period.

With that said, it’s the message behind the video which is important, revealing something that seems to change in people’s mind between the age of 25 and 65. Why is it that people lose their spark for ambition?

It’s really worth grabbing a favourite brew and spending just 30 minutes to watch this video and see if it reignites something in you.

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