An inspirational real life story – How somebody changed their life after cheating death

Have you noticed something when you read the newspapers?

We are so used to reading stories about doom and gloom, that when a positive one comes along, it practically leaps off the page.

This happened to me some time ago when reading a free London newspaper on the way to the office.

Actually, it was partly the inspiration for this blog…

As it has been at least a year since I read the article, I’m afraid I don’t remember the exact details, but the lesson behind it is clear.

Sounds Familiar?

The story revolved around a guy who had a very highly paid job, but the job was very stressful and didn’t afford him very much relaxation time.

The leisure time he did have would be spent on holiday with his wife, often visiting tropical islands to scuba dive.

One day, he had a terrible car crash, which by sheer luck he managed to escape with his life.

Essentially, he cheated death.

A Moment of Clarity

He instantly realised just how lucky he had been to survive, and had that moment of clarity which only seems to happen after something bad happens.

A passion he shared with his wife was they both enjoyed taking photos of underwater wildlife. It was something they always dreamed of, but for some reason had put on hold.

When you get that moment of clarity, that is the time you should act upon it.

…and that is exactly what they did. They both left their jobs, sold their house and most of their possessions, and then relocated to an island in the tropics.

They now make their living by taking photos of underwater wildlife and selling their pictures around the world.

And you can guarantee they love every minute of it.

What Are YOU Waiting For?

Is there something you are putting on hold in the hope you will have the money and time to do it one day?

What if that time never comes? Why wait?

It doesn’t have to be something as extreme as moving to another country, maybe it is just a project you want to start.

Maybe you want to start your own business? Or you would like to paint? Write the script to a movie? Buy a house? Take up a musical instrument.

Don’t wait until something bad happens to get focus in your life. Take life by the horns and get started today.

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